Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy 2023

Cross-border Pitching, Matchmaking and Networking Event

25 September 2023, 10am – 5pm Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

Plenary Opening Session - Galaxy I, II and III

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
09:30 Registration and Coffee
10:00 Opening of the event
10:20 Keynote: Connecting with investors: A life-changing experience! Testimonials by several investor/start-up tandems
Jowita Sewerska; Peter De Decker, Philip Mertens and Hermes Sanctorum; Abel Fernández; Annick Verween and Bernd Everaert –
10:45 Short Break - Transformation of the room to pitch rooms

11:00 - 12:40 Pitch Session 1: Start-ups/SMEs looking for finance (Bioeconomy Ventures brokerage activity) - pre-seed/angel/seed funding - Galaxy I

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
11:00 - 11:04 Introduction
Aleksandar Zobec – Bioeconomy Ventures
11:04 - 11:11 Cashew Shell BioRefinery, sustainable biodegradable non-toxic surfactants
Pierluigi Ferri – Cashew Shell BioRefinery CSBR BV (DE)
Feedstock: cashew-nut shell liquid
End-product: non-ionic, polymer pre-cursors, active-ingredients

TRL 5 Download
11:12 - 11:19 Resilient microbes, manufactured from biomass residues
Emile Redant – N-Fix NV (BE)
Feedstock: manure, food industry waste, digestate
End-product: biofertilizer, biocontrol, recovered ammonia, RENURE
Technology: hydrothermal carbonization, solid state fermentation
TRL 5, 6 Download
11:20 - 11:27 The future of seafood is mycelium
Hendrik Kaye – Esencia Foods (DE)
Feedstock: sugars, starches, agri-food sidestreams
End-product: mycelium biomass
Technology: fermentation
TRL 4, 5 Download
11:28 - 11:35 The metamorphosis of the coffee bean: a sustainable coffee oil story
Natalia Tarazona Lizcano – RECOV Labs (DE)
Feedstock: coffee biowaste
End-product: upcycled coffee oil
Technology: supercritical fluids extraction
TRL 5 Download
11:36 - 11:43 Unlocking the value of seaweed
Paulina Zanela – Thalasso AS (NO)
Feedstock: macro algae, sargassum, kelps
End-product: alginates, biofertilizers, fucoidans
Technology: mobile micro biorefinery
TRL 5 Download
11:44 - 11:51 Biobased, biodegradable and water-soluble polymer made from food industry by-products
Gilles Crahay – PolyPea (BE)
Feedstock: starch, agri-food by-products
End-product: thermoplastic, packaging
Technology: extrusion, film blowing, solvant casting
TRL 4 Download
11:52 - 11:59 NEWood; a 100% biobased, 100% recyclable and 100% circular alternative to wood and engineered wood products
Sofiia Vinnik – Biowerkz (DE)
Feedstock: hemp, grass, straw, wood waste
End-product: boards, composites, engineered wood, interior design elements
TRL 4 Download
12:00 - 12:07 Groundbreaking lignin separation technology for replacing fossil raw materials
Juho-Matti Karpale – LIGNEASY OY (FI)
Feedstock: black-liquor, wood, pulp, hydrolysate, kraft
End-product: lignin, adhesives, biocarbon, bioenergy
Technology: pulping, purification, filtration
TRL 5 Download
12:08 - 12:15 The obstacles in bringing microalgae into food applications
Eugene Wang – Sophie's BioNutrients (SG)
Feedstock: beer spent grains
End-product: protein concentrate
Technology: fermentation, microalgae, protein
TRL 7 Download
12:16 - 12:23 Lactic acid from side streams produced by the Principles of Nature
Jan Pieter van Tilburg – Nature's Principles (NL)
Feedstock: sugar-based sidestreams
End-product: lactic acid and its derivatives
Technology: mixed culture fermentation
TRL 6 Download
12:24 - 12:31 The future of coffee is cellular
Henri Kunz – STEM® (FR)
Feedstock: coffee byproducts
End-product: coffee, food and drink ingredients
Technology: cell culture, cell sourcing, proliferation, flavour engineering, extraction
TRL 4 Download
12:32 - 12:39 Alt Biotech - Cell culture enablers
Sakina Elkassouani – Alt Biotech (FR)
Feedstock: growth media
End-product: growth factors
Technology: cell culture
TRL 3, 4 Download

11:00 - 12:40 Pitch Session 2: Emerging innovative technologies for the bioeconomy - Galaxy II

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
11:00 - 11:04 Introduction
Tanja Meyer – Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
11:04 - 11:11 Replacing 40 billion fossil-based shoe soles? This is how we DID it.
Stefaan De Wildeman – B4Plastics (BE)
Feedstock: food waste streams, sugars, vegetable oils
End-product: polymers, rubber, TPE/TPR
Technology: biopolymers, biotech
TRL 9 Download
11:12 - 11:19 Bio-refinery derived furanic humins as basis for sustainable performance materials
Tom Claessen – Avantium Renewable Polymers (NL)
Feedstock: biomass, sugars
End-product: furanics, humins
Technology: sugar dehydration
TRL 7 Download
11:20 - 11:27 From lignin towards a new era of bioaromatics products
Vicente López – Cener (ES)
Feedstock: lignin
End-product: antioxidants and phenolics
Technology: depolymerization, bioaromatics
TRL 6 Download
11:28 - 11:35 Biomass the green carbon source: from perfumes to chemicals and materials
Philip Scholten – Bloom Biorenewables (CH)
Feedstock: lignocellulose: wood, bagasse, nut shells
End-product: drop-in chemicals, fuels, antioxidants, bioplastics, solvants,
Technology: fractionation
TRL 5 Download
11:36 - 11:43 Agitated thin film drying: revolutionizing drying through novel, mild processing
Toine Hultermans – Bodec (NL)
Feedstock: proteins, vegetables, fruit, fibers, pigment, color
End-product: dried products, powders
Technology: vacuum, mild processing
TRL 8 Download
11:44 - 11:51 Fibenol's state-of-the-art biorefinery reshapes biomaterials industry
Karl Peebo – Fibenol OÜ (EST)
Feedstock: wood industry residues
End-product: lignin, woody sugars
Technology: SunBurst, fractionation, extrusion
TRL 7 - 9 Download
11:52 - 11:59 Minagro biobased ingredients for agrochemicals: catalysts for growth in the bioeconomy
Arnold De Maere – Minagro (BE)
Feedstock: hemicellulose
End-product: co-formulants for agrochemicals, biobased solvents
Technology: farm2fork
TRL 6 Download
12:00 - 12:07 C1 Bioeconomy - Producing proteins and biopolymers from CO2 and renewable energy
Frank Kensy – b.fab GmbH (DE)
Feedstock: formate, CO2 + H2
End-product: feed protein, PHA
Technology: formate Bioeconomy, C1 feedstocks
TRL 4 Download
12:08 - 12:15 Development and scale-up of an enzymatic process for FDCA synthesis from HMF
Tanja Meyer – Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BE)
Feedstock: forestry biomass, HMF
End-product: FDCA, bio-aromatic building block
Technology: oxidative enzyme, biocatalysis
TRL 5 Download
12:16 - 12:23 Computationally tailor-made enzymes for industrial applications
Lur Alonso – Zymvol Biomodeling SL (ES)
Feedstock: variable feedstocks
End-product: drugs, F&F, biomaterials, agrochemicals, ingredients
Technology: computer simulations, molecular modeling, enzyme engineering, enzyme search
12:24 - 12:31 Bioproduction at scale through 'product addiction' in cell factories
Christian Munch – Enduro Genetics (DK)
Feedstock: all feedstocks
End-product: all end-products
Technology: synthetic biology, expression system
TRL 7, 8 Download
12:32 - 12:39 ALGAPOLYVBEV: harnessing photosynthetic biomass for sustainable polymer ingredients
Mahshid Sedghi – ALGAESYS S.A. (PT)
Feedstock: (brewery) wastewater
End-product: extracellular polymeric substances, EPS, carbohydrates, PHAs
Technology: wastewater treatment
TRL 6 Download

11:00 - 12:30 Pitch session 3: Microbial protein transition players - Galaxy III

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
11:00 - 11:11 The ProteInn Club and Planet B.io: enabling the transition to sustainable microbial proteins
Simon De Corte and Cindy Gerhardt – The ProteInn Club and Planet B.io
Feedstock: industrial sounding board, start-ups, scale-ups, corporates
End-product: building new value chains, biotech campus
Technology: fermentation-based proteins, facilities, services, communities
11:12 - 11:19 Next-generation proteins - need for scale & affordability
Noelia Valbuena – Dyadic International (NL)
Feedstock: fermentable sugars
End-product: recombinant enzymes
Technology: proteins
TRL 9 Download
11:20 - 11:27 Novel platform for protein production
Claudia Rinnofner – myBIOS GmbH (DE)
Technology: Pichia pastoris, methanol-free, protein, platform, food-tech, feed-tech TRL 6 Download
11:28 - 11:35 Kynda's plug & play fermentation technology platform revolutionizes production of next-generation proteins
Joerg Bormann – Kynda Biotech GmbH (DE)
Feedstock: agro-industrial sidestreams
End-product: proteins
Technology: mycelium, precision fermentation, food ingredients
TRL 7 Download
11:36 - 11:43 SmartRoute to your alternative protein
Bor Klančnik – Acies Bio d.o.o. (SI)
Feedstock: glucose, whey, molases, methanol
End-product: microbial proteins
Technology: fermentation
TRL 5 Download
11:44 - 11:51 Arbiom: Industrial deployment of a nutritional & sustainable protein through yeast fermentation
Amélie Drouault – Arbiom (FR)
Feedstock: fermentable sugars, agricultural or forestry sidestreams
End-product:microbial protein
Technology: fermentation
TRL 7 Download
11:52 - 11:59 Microbial production of cow-free caseins & cheese
Will van den Tweel – Those Vegan Cowboys (BE)
Feedstock: glucose, grass
End-product: cheese
Technology: precision fermentation
TRL 5 Download
12:00 - 12:07 Generating protein-based crop protection agents using structure-based protein engineering
Wouter Van Putte – Puxano BV (BE)
Feedstock: bacterial strain, bacterial media
End-product: proteins
Technology: crop protection, biostimulant
TRL 5 Download
12:08 - 12:15 Farmless - microbial proteins decoupled from agriculture
Maria Cuellar Soares – Farmless BV (NL)
Feedstock: C1 feedstock
End-product: microbial proteins
Technology: fermentation, food technology
TRL 4 Download
12:16 - 12:23 Making precision fermentation a reality
Stephan van Sint Fiet – Vivici (NL)
Feedstock: proprietary, non-agricultural feedstock
End-product: fermentation-derived whey protein
Technology: dairy ingredients
TRL 7 Download
12:24 - 12:31 Programming biology
Shan Jiang – Ailurus Bio (UK)
Feedstock: E.coli
End-product: engineered protein
Technology: protein engineering, high-throughput experiment
TRL 1 - 9 Download
12:32 - 12:39 Revyve: a novel platform to valorize microbial biomass into functional and nutritious food ingredients
Edgar Suarez Garcia – Revyve (NL)
Feedstock: (spent)-yeast
End-product: egg-white replacers
Technology: mild processing
TRL 7 Download

13:30 - 15:00 Pitch session 4: Start-ups/SMEs looking for finance (Bioeconomy Ventures brokerage activity) - series A and series B/C funding - Galaxy I

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
13:30 - 13:34 Introduction
Jowita Sewerska – European Circular Bioeconomy Fund
13:34 - 13:41 Making biosurfactants mainstream
Sophie Roelants – AmphiStar (BE)
Feedstock: food waste, industrialside streams, used cooking oil
End-product: biosurfactants
Technology: fermentation, pretreatment, purification
TRL 6 Download
13:42 - 13:49 Qubicon: Pioneering autonomous bioprocessing for a sustainable future
Olivier Guillet – Qubicon AG (AT)
Feedstock: exhaust fumes, organic waste, grains
End-product: fermented beverages, proteins, antibodies, biogas, enzymes
TRL 9 Download
13:50 - 13:57 Mission: Ingredients of a future from the residues of today
Antti Kamarainen – Montinutra Ltd (FI)
Feedstock: wood residues
End-product: biopolymers
Technology: pressurized hot water extraction
TRL 7 Download
13:58 - 14:05 BioMosae - highly effective biostimulants & biofungicides
Alex Schmeets – BioMosae (NL)
Feedstock: renewable carbon sources
End-product: biofungicides, biostimulants
Technology: fermentation, biofungicides, biostimulants
TRL 6 Download
14:06 - 14:13 Bacterial plant based biofilm for a green future
Hüseyin Sancar Bozkurt – BİOPROBİF (TR)
Feedstock: plantbased, pobif
End-product: food packaging
Technology: biofilm, bioplastic
TRL 7 Download
14:14 - 14:21 Unlocking the potential of coffee pulp
Daniela Ribezzo – Pectcof BV (NL)
Feedstock: coffee pulp, coffee cascara
End-product: Dutch Gum®, texturizer, emulsifier, stabilizer, binder, hydrocolloid
Technology: upcycling, water-based
TRL 7 Download
14:22 - 14:29 Valorisation of novel biobased products derived from vegetable oil
Boris Zhmud – Nuspec Oil Ltd (SE)
Feedstock: vegetable oil
End-product: organic friction modifiers, alkyd resins
Technology: sonochemical, ultralow polyunsaturated fatty acid content
TRL 5 Download
14:30 - 14:37 Non-thermal plasma technologies for green chemistry applications
Wouter De Weirdt – Tectero (BE)
Feedstock: plant oils, CO2, hydrogen, renewable electricity
End-product: basic and speciality chemicals
Technology: non-thermal plasma
TRL 7 Download
14:38 - 14:45 Innovative enzymes for controlling phytopathogens
David Daudé – Gene&GreenTK (FR)
Feedstock: agriculture, feed
End-product: enzyme, lactonase
Technology: alternative to PPP, antimicrobial, quorum quenching
TRL 6 Download
14:46 - 15:53 Cellular aquaculture: a novel way to make healthy and sustainable fish
Nina Coolsaet – Fishway BV (BE)
Feedstock: sugar, concentrated protein (wheat, pea, soya, faba beans,...)
End-product: fish ingredients
Technology: cellular aquaculture
TRL 3 Download

13:30 - 15:00 Pitch session 5: Start-ups/SMEs looking for finance - pre-seed/angel/seed funding - Galaxy II

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
13:30 - 13:34 Introduction
Annick Verween – biotope by VIB
13:34 - 13:41 Starting the Biohalogenation revolution
Nicolas Krink – BioHalo – The biohalogenation company (DK)
Feedstock: glucose, citrate, acetate & halo-acetate, halo-benzoates
End-product: halopolymers and organohalides
Technology: metabolic engineering, biopolymers, high performance materials
TRL 4 Download
13:42 - 13:49 Bolder Foods: Less cow, more pleasure, for everyone
Ilana Taub – Bolder Foods (BE)
Feedstock: liquid
End-product: microbial biomass, non-dairy cheese and ingredients
Technology: fermentation
TRL 4 Download
13:50 - 13:57 Alternative proteins, green chemicals and substitutes of fossils from recycled CO2 in high productivity equipment
Jean-Louis Roux Dit Buisson – NeoCarbons (CH)
Feedstock: microalgae, CO2, nitrates, phosphates
End-product:astaxanthin, phycocyanin, proteins
TRL 6 Download
13:58 - 14:05 TerraWaste: converting biomass and plastic waste into carbon-negative materials through hydrothermal liquefaction
Kristaps Cirulis – TerraWaste (NL)
Feedstock: (plastic) waste
End-product: carbon-negative eternal oil
Technology: hydrothermal liquefaction
TRL 4 Download
14:06 - 14:13 B'ZEOS: The next generation of packaging
Guy Maurice – B'ZEOS (NO)
Feedstock: seaweed extracts
End-product: flexible films, paper coating, injection moulded, thermoformed
Technology: sustainable packaging
TRL 7 Download
14:14 - 14:21 Transforming food waste to high-value ingredients
Anli Geng – Mycosortia Pte. Ltd (SG)
Feedstock: okara, wheat bran, spent barley grains
End-product: FibProt, fish analogue, vegan cheese and mayonnaise
Technology: fermentation, proteins
TRL 6 Download
14:22 - 14:29 Industrialising organosolv biorefinery
Alexis Nass – Prevcarb (FR)
Feedstock: lignocellulosic biomass
End-product: lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose
Technology: organosolv
TRL 5 Download
14:30 - 14:37 Microalgae harvest innovation: unlock uses, decrease costs - Spirulina based firm to develop
Michel Couderc – Spirulines Productions (FR)
Feedstock: microalgae
End-product: cream-paste fresh frozen or dry - unlock microalgae applications
Technology: industrial dewatering-harvest
TRL 9 Download
14:38 - 14:45 Renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide via trioxane into bioproducts
Jan de Bont – FeedstocksUnited (NL)
Feedstock: H2/CO2, trioxane
End-product: commodity chemicals
Technology: biotechnology, one-carbon compounds
TRL 3 Download
14:46 - 14:53 D-CRBN: the missing piece for carbon circularity
Pablo Espinar – D-CRBN (BE)
Technology: carbon circular economy, CCU, plasma technology, renewable feedstock Download

13:30 - 15:00 Pitch session 6: Biowaste conversion technology players - Galaxy III

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
13:30 - 13:34 Introduction
Sofie Lodens and Sophie Roelants – Waste2Func/Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
13:34 - 13:41 Digestate as a sustainable source of nutrients for large-scale algal cultivation
Marcella Fernandes de Souza – Ghent University (BE)
Feedstock: digestate
End-product: microalgae
Technology: novel proteins, sustainability, waste valorization, nutrient recycling
TRL 5 Download
13:42 - 13:49 From wet, low value biowaste, to dry sustainable biofuel via HydroThermal Carbonization and Pelletization
Aaron Maes – Engie Laborelec (BE)
Feedstock: wet biogenic waste
End-product: black pellets
Technology: thermochemical conversion
TRL 8 Download
13:50 - 13:57 Sustainable polymers from biomass
Belen Taroncher Ruiz – AIMPLAS (ES)
Feedstock: food waste, wood, crop residues
End-product: PHA, PLA, cellulose, chitosan, fertilisers, composites
Technology: fermentation
TRL 7 Download
13:58 - 14:05 Downstream processing of caproic and caprylic acid from a fermentation broth
Arne Gröngröft – DBFZ - Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DE)
Feedstock: wet biomass
End-product: medium chain carboxylic acids, lubricants, surfactants, cosmetics
Technology:ultrafiltration, extraction
TRL 5 Download
14:06 - 14:13 Waste-derived green flexible electronics: from insect-mediated bioconversion of OFMSW to electro-conductive bio-nanocomposites
Edoardo Testa – Politecnico di Milano (IT)
Feedstock: municipal solid waste (OFMSW)
End-product: proteins, lipids, chitin, bioplastics
Technology: black soldier fly, extraction, polymerization, functionalization
TRL 4 Download
14:14 - 14:21 Circular fertilizer to combat nitrogen crisis
Lei Fan – Cool Separations B.V. (NL)
Feedstock: ammonia scrubber effluent
End-product: fertilizer, chemical grade ammonia sulphate
Technology: low energy, chemical free, heat sensitive compounds
TRL 8 Download
14:22 - 14:29 Bioaromatics: delivering at scale
Karolien Vanbroekhoven – VITO (BE)
Feedstock: biomass, lignin
End-product: bioaromatics, phenolics, polyols, epoxies, flameretardants
Technology: thermochemical
TRL 6 Download
14:30 - 14:37 Circular path of organic waste: biopolymer production from biomass and 3D printing into growing substrate for plant cultivation
Eleanor Lawrence – Technological University of Shannons: Midland Midwest (IE)
Feedstock: organic waste, biomass
End-product: biopolymer, 3D printing material, hydroponic systems
Technology: chemical extraction and conversion
TRL 4 Download
14:38 - 14:45 Boosting the circularity of the waste management industry by the production of bioproducts from waste
Freddy Liendo – Hysytech Srl (IT)
Feedstock: anaerobic digestion waste, compost, organic waste
End-product: biopolymer, biofertilizer, biodetergents
Technology: hydrolysis, alkaline process
TRL 6, 7 Download
14:46 - 14:53 Biological hydrogen production
Jonathan Fritsch – BioRenGaz (FR)
Feedstock: liquid or pulpy organic material
End-product: renewable gas (H2), organic fertilizer
Technology: biohydrogen, biofertilizer
TRL 3 Download
14:54 - 15:01 Use of residual biomass for cellulose fibre based packaging
David Ravnjak – ICP - Pulp and paper institute Ljubljana (SI)
Feedstock: lignocelluosic biomass, invasive alien plants, agricultural & food processing side streams
End-product: cellulose pulp, paper-based packaging
Technology: pulping
TRL 6 Download
15:02 - 15:09 Task force in Circular BioEconomy: optimal systems for biomasses and wastes upgrading
Vincenza Faraco – University of Naples Federico II (IT)
Feedstock: arundo donax, cane
End-product: succinic acid, biopolymers, antioxidants, packaging, automotive, cosmetics, food
Technology: optimized biocatalysts
TRL 5 Download

15:30 - 17:10 Pitch session 7: Start-ups/SMEs looking for finance - pre-seed/angel/seed funding - Galaxy I

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
15:30 - 15:34 Introduction
Abel Fernández – European Business Angel Network (EBAN)
15:34 - 15:41 Bionanopolys
Livia Marcantonio – EBN
investor, business angels Download
15:34 - 15:41 BioGNR mycoprotein for food industry manufacturers
Ugnė Butvilaitė – BioGNR (LT)
Feedstock: mycoprotein
End-product: mycoprotein biomass
Technology: fermentation
TRL 4 Download
15:50 - 15:57 Truly sustainable biochemicals via by-product upgrading and waste biomass upcycling
Lukas Jasiunas – Ecorbio (CY)
Feedstock: digested sewage sludge, crude glycerol, waste biomass
End-product: biopolyols
Technology: solvothermal liquefaction
TRL 6 Download
15:58 - 16:05 The value of human waste - Human Material Loop
Zsofia Kollar – Human Material Loop (NL)
Feedstock: keratin fiber (hair), waste from hair salons
End-product: textile fibers and fabrics
Technology: planet-positive, circular, textile innovation, material innovation
TRL 5 Download
16:06 - 16:13 Enzymes making sticky products: green adhesives
Ivana Marić – GECCO biotech B.V. (NL)
Feedstock: vegetable oils, PUFAs, waste oils
End-product: binders, adhesives
Technology: enzymatic transformations, biocatalysis
TRL 4 Download
16:14 - 16:21 Efficient and sustainable way to reduce microalgae cultivation costs
Hans Vaeth – Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG (DE)
Feedstock: CO2, biomass, food, feed, PUFAs
End-product: photobioreactors for the production of biomass
Technology: photobioreactors, CO2-capture, AI, sensors, PLC-controller
TRL 7, 8 Download
16:22 - 16:29 Nature2Bond (Fully bio-based adhesive system for engineered wood and wood based panels production)
Anuj Kumar – Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) (FI)
Feedstock: forestry & agricultural sidestreams
End-product: adhesives, coating, preservatives
Technology: fractionation, biomass liquefaction, polymerization and condensation
TRL 6 Download
16:30 - 16:37 Replacing chemical dyes with bioproduced ones
Efthimia Lioliou – Synovance (FR)
Feedstock: sugar, lignocellulose waste, recycled media
End-product: indigo, red, pigments
Technology: synthetic genomics, fermentation, DSP
TRL 5, 6 Download
16:38 - 16:45 Highly functional plant-based proteins with simultaneous CO2 assimilation
Vasilis Stenos – Solmeyea (GR)
Feedstock: microalgae
End-product: protein isolates, oil extracts, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, whole biomass
Technology: offers fermentation, precision fermentation, hybrid vertical microalgae farming, biomass fractionation, cell disruption
TRL 6 Download
16:46 - 16:53 inocule - turning waste into taste
Teodor Fransson – inocule (SE)
Feedstock: biowaste, whey
End-product: food ingredients, tagatose, polyols
Technology: precision fermentation, enhanced yeast
TRL 2 Download
16:54 - 17:01 Novel biobased textile dyes and pigments
Karin Fleck – Vienna Textile Lab (AT)
Feedstock: agricultural waste, food
End-product: dyes and pigments
Technology: biotech, chemistry, textile
TRL 5 Download
17:02 - 17:09 Enabling early and accurate diagnosis of Acute Mesenteric Ischemia (AMI)
Gil Lee – Magnostics (IE)
Feedstock: diagnostics, Acute Mesenteric Ischemia, biomarker, medtech biotechnology gastroenterology, diagnostic tests, novel biomarker
TRL 6 Download

15:30 - 17:00 Pitch session 8: Start-ups/SMEs looking for finance - series A and series B/C funding - Galaxy II

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
15:30 - 15:34 Introduction
Jowita Sewerska – European Circular Bioeconomy Fund
15:34 - 15:41 New sweet innovation: unveiling a buzzworthy world of zero-bee honey
Ioannis Sialiaridis – Fooditive Group (NL)
Feedstock: starch, sunflower nectar
End-product: honey-like alternative product
Technology: enzymatic fermentation
TRL 2 Download
15:42 - 15:49 A sludgeless wastewater treatment plant: energy neutral conversion of sewage sludge into biofuel
Levien de Legé – TORWASH (NL)
Feedstock: sewage sludge & wastewater
End-product: biofuel, biogas, phosphate recovery
Technology: hydrothermal treatment, energy neutral, local processing, opex reduction, circular, low CO2 emission
TRL 6 Download
15:50 - 15:57 Releaf Paper - turning urban green wastes into paper
Alexander Sobolenko – Releaf Paper (FR)
Feedstock: fallen leaves, urban wastes, agri wastes
End-product: pulp, kraft paper, paper-based packaging
Technology: isolating of fibers
TRL 6 Download
15:58 - 16:05 Unlocking the potential of fermentation
Bosco Emparanza – MOA (ES)
Feedstock: by-products, brewing industry, bakery, pasta, soya
End-product: protein, vitamines, fibre, fats
Technology: fermentation, upcycling, by-products
TRL 6 Download

15:30 - 17:10 Pitch session 9: New investments & developments in the EU pilot and demonstration scene - Galaxy III

Time of day Title Keywords TRL-Level
15:30 - 15:34 Introduction
Stef Denayer – Pilots4U
15:34 - 15:41 Biocon - pilot facility for sustainable chemistry
Sander Van den Bosch – KU Leuven - Biocon (BE)
Feedstock: biomass, wood, agricultural residue, lignocellulose
End-product: bioaromatics, phenolics, cellulose fibers, sugar derivatives
Technology: catalytic reactions
TRL 5 Download
15:42 - 15:49 Houston, we have a capacity problem!
Hendrik Waegeman – Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BE)
new investments, capacity tripled, (gas)fermentation, downstream processing Download
15:50 - 15:57 Biofermentation at Biosolution Technology Center - Denmark
Zara Pedersen – Danish Technological Institute (DTI) (DK)
Feedstock: biomass, sidestreams from food production
End-product: protein, food ingredients
Technology: fermentation, downstream processing
TRL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Download
15:58 - 16:05 Scale with RISE
Payam Ghiaci – Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) (SE)
Feedstock: lignocellulosic, residual streams
End-product: feed, food, biochemicals, biofuels
Technology: pre-treatment, high-throughput screening, scale-up, downstream processing
16:06 - 16:13 Food Pilot is an open pilot plant for exploring, developing and scaling up any type of food or feed product.
Geert Van Royen – ILVO - Food Pilot (BE)
Feedstock: protein, any raw material
End-product: (analogues of) meat, dairy and fish products
Technology: food processing
TRL 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Download
16:14 - 16:21 Tailored piloting with customers at VTT
Alina Ruonala-Lindgren – VTT (FI)
Feedstock: biobased materials, wood, fibre
End-product: packaging, web
Technology: 3D, foam technology, dry forming
TRL 3, 4, 5, 6 Download
16:22 - 16:29 INN-PRESME: advancing biomaterials for sustainable markets
Riccardo Capolla – STAM (IT)
Feedstock: PLA, PHA, fibres, nanocellulose
End-product: biobased materials, nano-enhanced, scale-up
Technology: pilot, scale-up, facilities, community, ecosystem, PLA, PHA, algae, bioplastic
TRL 7 Download
16:30 - 16:37 Borregaard's BioDemo plant in Norway
Gudbrand Rødsrud – Borregaard AS (NO)
Feedstock: cellulose, sugars, enzymes, nutrients
End-product: biomass extracts, fermented sugars, microbes
Technology: lignocellulosic sugars, water soluble lignins, fermentation
TRL 7 Download
16:38 - 16:45 Nimble development: tips to build commercial success through the valley of death
Guillaume Lamy – ARD (FR)
downscaling, scale up, lab to demo, industrialization, new tolling capacities Download
16:46 - 16:53 DTU’s (bio)chemical engineering pilot plant facility: an open playground for everybody
Julian Kager & Ioannis V. Skiadas – Technical University of Denmark, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (DK)
Feedstock: sugars from lignocellulose, sidestreams from food industry, agri- and aquaculture, exhaust gases
End-product: products for food, pharma and energy applications
Technology: modelling, scale up, prototyping, process intensification & digitalization
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16:54 - 17:01 Advancing innovation in biotechnology
Jude Huggan – CPI (UK)
Feedstock: fermentable sugars, agri biomass, seaweed
End-product: microbial biomass
Technology: gas fermentation, novel food, host strain/bioprocess development, downstream processing, pilot scale, demonstration scale, sustainable protein, cultured meat, agritech, biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilisers, formulation
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17:02 - 17:09 From lab scale to pilot scale: the accelerator of your industrialization for chemical/biotechnology/DSP process
Guillaume Le Cloirec – PIVERT (FR)
Feedstock: natural products, biomass
End-product: cosmetic, feed, food, pigments, proteins
Technology: extraction, synthesis, separation, drying, fermentation...

Plenary Closing Session - Atrium

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17:10 Closing remarks
Stef Denayer – Stakeholder Relations Manager - Pilots4U
17:15 Networking drink